Paleo Pancakes

2015-09-30 07.32.22 The best thing about pancakes is they are like bread.  You can put pretty much anything on them and they still taste great!  These little paleo gems are easy to make, and a yummy alternative to an egg-centric or meat filled breakfast.  Top with a tiny bit of organic syrup and some fruit and it’s oh so delicious!

Get the recipe HERE.


Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Bacon

brussels sprouts with bacon I never used to like brussels sprouts until I started cooking and found ways of making them super yummy.  This is a great recipe from Nom Nom Paleo that makes them amazing!  Sometimes I add a sprinkle of crushed red pepper to give them a little kick.

Last night I served this with salmon fillets.  Rub those in a little olive oil, salt and pepper, then leave in the oven at 350 for 14 minutes and they turn out perfectly.

Get the recipe HERE.

To Carb or Not to Carb? (Macronutrients Part 1)


This seems to be a common question when people are looking to make changes in the way they eat.  Let’s start out with clarifying exactly what carbohydrates really are.  When most people think of carbs in terms of their diets they think of bread, but this macronutrient group is much more encompassing.  It would be difficult to avoid it completely, and you wouldn’t want to either, as it should be enjoyed equally with its other macronutrient friends, protein and fat.

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Fried Apples

IMG_1245 I credit my brother for this idea. It’s no secret by now how much I love bacon, and I’m always on the hunt for something fun and different. I chopped up a Fuji Apple a threw it in the grease after making the bacon this morning, then let the slices cook until the outsides were beautifully brown and caramelized. They turned out like little apple pies without the crust!  So delicious and so easy!!!


IMG_1163 IMG_1157

I love the idea of getting creative with traditional dishes.  We rarely eat pasta, since it’s a processed carbohydrate, but occasionally you just need a treat!  Despite the pasta being outside of the normal rules, the bolognese sauce my husband makes is 100% Whole 30 compliant, and would probably be just as tasty over some type of pasta alternative like spaghetti squash or quinoa noodles.  It’s fabulous for dinner and also just as fabulous the next day with scrambled eggs for breakfast.

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Avocado Bacon Bowl

2015-09-25 14.43.08 The title of this post was made up about 2 seconds ago, because I made up this snacky dish about 5 minutes ago. I love looking around my fridge and pantry to see what I can randomly throw together for an afternoon snack, and today I came up with this.  I LOVE avocado, and I LOVE bacon, and I had a little of both lying around, so why not mix them together?  Add a little salsa and you’re good to go!  DO read the labels if you’re using salsa, as a lot of brands use sugar and other not-so-great additives that aren’t Whole 30 compliant.

Peach and Ginger Glazed Pork Chops

2015-09-15 19.11.45 This is another easy recipe from Cook Like a Cavewoman that has become a regular in our dinner rotation, and I have taken the liberty of making a few tweaks to make it my own.  The recipe calls for chopped peaches as a garnish, but I like to toss in some radicchio, black sesame seeds, sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, and a little salt and pepper to make a fantastic peach slaw.

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Leftovers for Breakfast

2015-09-25 07.16.34 Leftovers from last night’s dinner are usually reserved for Joey’s lunches, but today we did them A.M. style instead.  I sliced up the pork and heated it in a pan on the stove top along with the baked sweet potatoes.  Once that was done, I scrambled up a couple of eggs and we were good to go!  The peach puree was even more amazing after the flavors gelled overnight.

Bacon Wrapped Pineapple

10948534_1579201795644943_1550075012_n Fall also means the return of football, and we all know that means burgers and beer, right?  Well, we can also have some other fun and tasty snacks that fit the Paleo bill.  This is a great snack idea from Nom Nom Paleo, and will be sure to please even the unhealthiest of eaters in your Sunday tailgate lineup.

Get the recipe here: Bacon Wrapped Pineapple

Juevos del Diablo

chorizo deviled eggs  This was a fun little experiment of mine, since sometimes traditional egg dishes can get boring.  This was my take on a Mexican style deviled egg.  I mixed the hard-boiled yolks with a little avocado, salt, and pepper, then topped with some black beans, chorizo, and a little pico de gallo.  I finished it off with a sprinkle of chili powder to make it pretty, and wound up with a fun, creative, and tasty breakfast.  If you’re going Whole 30, just eliminate the beans.