Bo Kho (Spicy Vietnamese Beef Stew)

Bo KhoI tend to gravitate towards one-pot-meals, and this is another great one that was delicious at dinner, and even better the day after once all the flavors settled in.  I love dishes like this that are simple to set up, then just get stuck in the oven at a low temp for a few hours.  It really lets me plan my day any way I want to, because once it’s in the oven I basically set the timer and forget about it. I can pull it out of the oven and let it sit when it’s done, then just reheat it on the stove top when we are ready to eat.

The recipe calls for whole star anise as one of the seasonings, which I couldn’t find. Instead I used a Chinese 5-spice blend that had ground star anise as one of the ingredients.  I can’t tell you if it made a difference, but the stew was really tasty!  I will keep searching for whole star anise and see if it turns out better.  The recipe also calls for water, but I used beef stock instead for some extra flavor.  Also, if you aren’t keeping Paleo, I think this stew would be amazing over brown rice!

Get the recipe HERE.


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