Harvest Roast Chicken w/Grapes, Olives, & Rosemary

harvest chickenThis is another one of those dishes that made me say, “what is she thinking?”

My brain doesn’t understand the combination of olives and grapes, but I wanted so badly to try a new recipe that I gave it a go anyway. I was very pleasantly surprised.  Once cooked up, the flavors softened and complimented each other very well. Also, for some reason, meat cooked with fruit always reminds me of Thanksgiving which I LOVE! All in all, this dish felt hearty and really satisfying.

If you’re looking for some great comfort food dishes please visit Smitten Kitchen.  Deb Perelman has some fantastic stuff on her site, and although most of it isn’t Paleo compliant, you can find some great dishes that can be altered slightly to match your dietary needs. This particular recipe isn’t on her site, but you can find it in her book, which you can get HERE.

P.S. If you need something sweet she has the BEST recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies!


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