Banana Raspberry “Muffins”

2016-03-23 08.07.23.jpg

I’m more apt to call these breakfast “quiches” rather than “muffins” because they don’t really have the texture of a muffin, but MAN were they GOOD! All in they took about 20 minutes to make, including oven time. I’ll be saving the powdered sugar and fruit toppings for a time when I actually make these for desert, but as breakfast they were a yummy paleo sweet treat.

Get the recipe HERE:


Honey & Thyme Glazed Salmon w/Asparagus & Potatoes

2016-03-21 19.06.32

This recipe came from one of those little time lapsed videos that people post on Facebook all the time.  I usually ignore them because they are almost never compliant with my diet, but this one looked too good to pass up.  The only things questionable are the white potatoes, which are debatably paleo, and the honey.

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