Homemade Taco Seasoning

taco seasoning


This is a lovely day that most people associate with yummy things like cerveza, Margaritas, and Mexican food, but I never knew the real origin until I did a little research for this post. Here are 5 facts about Cinco de Mayo that I’m guessing most of us probably don’t know.

In the mean time…

I love holidays and always like to do some kind of nod to them, no matter how small.  Tonight I want to make taco salads, but how do you keep them healthy and delicious at the same time?  I start by avoiding store bought seasoning mixes, since they always contain lots of preservatives and, yes, sugar.  HERE is a fantastic blend that doesn’t include any of that so you can rest easy.  One batch is perfect for one pound of ground meat, but she also includes measurements for making it in bulk if you think you’ll use it often. This spice blend would also work well with shredded chicken, shrimp, or fish.

The other thing I love about “Taco Night”is that we do it like a salad bar.  This way everyone gets to do their own, and everyone gets to be as compliant or as “naughty” as they want to be. Keeping Mexican food compliant is easier than you might think, though.  Here are some ideas:

Compliant Ingredients:

  • Grass fed ground beef with home made taco seasoning
  • lettuce
  • tomato
  • avocado
  • home made guacamole
  • radishes
  • peppers
  • onions
  • olives
  • sugar-free salsa
  • sugar-free hot sauce
  • brown rice

That list could go on forever, so be creative!

I’ll be honest, though, sometimes I need a treat.  Sometimes I don’t necessarily feel the need to be totally compliant but I still want to stay close.  Tonight I’ll probably add some crumbled corn chips to the mix.  I like Xochitl, because they are non-GMO, they are baked instead of fried, and they have a simple ingredients list that’s free of a ton of big words I can’t pronounce.

Instead of refried beans, I like to use a black bean dip made by Desert Pepper Trading Company.  Their products have great lists of natural ingredients, and you avoid the lard and preservatives that come along with most commercial brands of refried beans.

Dairy is debatable in some paleo circles.  I like to keep it to a minimum, but you can find cheese and sour cream that’s organic and free of the preservatives that most big commercial brands have.

If you want to imbibe go for a Margarita recipe that uses fresh lime juice rather than the commercially bottled stuff.  This way you can avoid the high fructose corn syrup. It’s a little more work, but it’s less expensive and it tastes AMAZING!




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