Enlightenment in Pieces

file-feb-13-9-44-21-amThe other day I had an interesting exchange with one of my Instagram followers.  His name is Guy Ferdman and he’s part of a life-coaching team called Satori Prime.  He posted something that was very thought provoking and spoke directly to a pretty massive issue I’m dealing with right now.  (I won’t get into the subject matter because that’s not directly relevant to this post, but if want to read what he wrote you can see it here: facebook.com/guyferdman)

The long and the short of it is that, as a solution to this issue, he was talking about seeing yourself as part of a greater whole. He was talking about an esoteric, existential view of the world and our current times which I believe requires a lot of patience and willingness to “let go” in order to attain. This was about a spiritual awakening in our society that will require an incredible seismic shift that can only begin with the same kind of shift in the individual.  The more individuals that “allow” these shifts to happen, the closer we will get to a massive shift of consciousness worldwide. We make these shifts by focusing on shedding light instead of on the forces that are bringing darkness.

If your head is spinning after that last paragraph, so is mine.

Needless to say, because I’m so entrenched in this issue, this felt impossible to me.  After reading his post I felt like I was standing at the foot of a mountain without climbing gear.  I felt compelled to express my anxiety over these ideas, and after bombarding him with a litany of things I was worried about he responded pretty quickly.

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