Enlightenment in Pieces

file-feb-13-9-44-21-amThe other day I had an interesting exchange with one of my Instagram followers.  His name is Guy Ferdman and he’s part of a life-coaching team called Satori Prime.  He posted something that was very thought provoking and spoke directly to a pretty massive issue I’m dealing with right now.  (I won’t get into the subject matter because that’s not directly relevant to this post, but if want to read what he wrote you can see it here: facebook.com/guyferdman)

The long and the short of it is that, as a solution to this issue, he was talking about seeing yourself as part of a greater whole. He was talking about an esoteric, existential view of the world and our current times which I believe requires a lot of patience and willingness to “let go” in order to attain. This was about a spiritual awakening in our society that will require an incredible seismic shift that can only begin with the same kind of shift in the individual.  The more individuals that “allow” these shifts to happen, the closer we will get to a massive shift of consciousness worldwide. We make these shifts by focusing on shedding light instead of on the forces that are bringing darkness.

If your head is spinning after that last paragraph, so is mine.

Needless to say, because I’m so entrenched in this issue, this felt impossible to me.  After reading his post I felt like I was standing at the foot of a mountain without climbing gear.  I felt compelled to express my anxiety over these ideas, and after bombarding him with a litany of things I was worried about he responded pretty quickly.

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The View From the Bottom

Steve Fit to Fat2A while ago I wrote a “Food For Thought” entry entitled “Walk the Line“.  The idea was to talk about how to get started if you’re just beginning, or restarted if you have found yourself in a slump.  I wrote this at a time when I was living in the top 20% of my own personal “bell-curve”, and it’s easy to talk about solutions to a problem you aren’t currently experiencing.  That was back in September of last year.  Fast-forward through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, a few difficult personal growth moments, and a LOT of parties.  Things aren’t quite so on track at this point.  Now I’d like to get a little down and dirty and personal, and talk about what “walking the line” means when you’re looking at it from the BOTTOM 20% of your personal bell-curve.

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PROTEIN: The Golden Child (Macronutrients Part 3)


When it comes to the typical American diet strategies, carbohydrates and fats tend to get treated like the step-children while, on the opposite end of the spectrum, protein seems to get more than it’s fair share of the spotlight. Everything is “low-fat THIS” and “low-carb THAT” while we’re simultaneously bombarded with the idea that eating more protein is better. I absolutely do not want to downplay the importance of dietary protein, but I will say exactly what I said about carbohydrates and fat.  Protein should be enjoyed equally with it’s other macronutrient friends. They should be looked at as a team, and there should be balance between the three.

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Fat Chance!!! (Macronutrients Part 2)

fat chance

If you look around the aisles of your grocery store you’ll most likely see lots of brightly colored packaging with large letters yelling at you that what is contained inside is FAT-FREE!!!  Sounds good, right?  Not necessarily.

Just like carbohydrates, there are a lot of different sources of dietary fat.  There are also a lot of misconceptions about what are “good” vs. “bad” fats, and what should be included or avoided in our diets.  I said this in my entry about carbohydrates and I’ll say it here, too.  It would be very difficult to avoid dietary fat, and you wouldn’t want to, either.  Fat should be enjoyed equally with it’s Macronutrient friends, Carbohydrates and Protein.

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Walk The Line


No matter how ingrained a habit becomes there is always going to be temptation.  There are always going to be times when eating healthy and exercising aren’t convenient. Forget keeping things going, sometimes there is never even a good time to START. Trust me, I know all the excuses.  We can’t start this week because it’s so-and-so’s birthday and you know there will be cake and champagne.  We can’t start this week because we have house guests and we will want to eat out instead of cooking in. Then there are the holidays.  Halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas parties, and then before you know it you’re making another set of empty New Year’s resolutions that everyone maybe keeps for the month of January.

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It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere, Right?

Who doesn’t like a good cocktail every once in a while?  Particularly on those special occasions like birthdays, holidays, Friday night, or heck…  how about just the fact that’s it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right? I’m no teetotaler, one of my favorite places in the world is the 19th hole after a round of golf. However, in my quest to find balance and health I’ve had to take a serious look at the role alcohol plays in the equation.

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To Carb or Not to Carb? (Macronutrients Part 1)


This seems to be a common question when people are looking to make changes in the way they eat.  Let’s start out with clarifying exactly what carbohydrates really are.  When most people think of carbs in terms of their diets they think of bread, but this macronutrient group is much more encompassing.  It would be difficult to avoid it completely, and you wouldn’t want to either, as it should be enjoyed equally with its other macronutrient friends, protein and fat.

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So Many Diets, So Little Time…


Joe and I experimented with several different diets that we struggled to maintain.  Here is a list of what we tried, why we liked them, and why we didn’t.  Everyone is unique and all of us have different needs.  What I find easy or difficult may not be the case for someone else.  This is my experience with the main diet plans we tried.

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